top 10 powerpoint tips and tricks you must know in 2021

Looking for amazing PowerPoint tips and tricks in 2021 then you are in the right place. In this article, I’m gonna give you 10 important PowerPoint tips and tricks that you must know in 2021. These tips and tricks will improve your presentation and the overall process.

These PowerPoint tips and tricks will enhance your skills while using Microsoft PowerPoint.

These tips and tricks were useful whether you’re using PowerPoint for the first time or just wanting to enhance your PowerPoint skills. Ok, let diving into the

10 PowerPoint tips and tricks.

1.Screen recording.

Believe it or not, you can able record your computer screen using Microsoft PowerPoint to do that go to the Insert > on the top right corner you can see the option called screen recording.

powerpoint insert in ribbon

powerpoint screen recording option

If you click on that you will land on your desktop

powerpoint screen recording

and you can adjust the recording screen size and click on record. To stop this recording press the Window key + shift + Q to stop recording.

save powerpoint screen recorded video

After stop recording, PowerPoint will pop up on the screen and you can see the screen record on the slide. or you can save the video to your computer to do that Right-click on the video and you can see save as click that to save to your computer. Awesome right.

2.Time counter

You can insert count on time into your PowerPoint presentation. If you are going to present in front of a group and let them know the presentation will start in 10 minutes or 5 minutes you can using the time counter in your presentation. Luckily you can do it using PowerPoint. To do that go to the insert and go to the addon section and type timer on the search box that appears in the add-on box.

powerpoint time counter

powerpoint time counter

this shows you a number of different timers that you can insert into your PowerPoint presentation I personally like the break time timer. Click the add button to insert this timer into the PowerPoint.

powerpoint time counter

You can adjust the time and the background the click on start. It will start the timer.

3.Merge shapes.

Now I gonna show you how to merge shapes on this slide

PowerPoint merge shape

I have two different shapes I have both a circle and a square I’m gonna position this square over the circle like the above image

Next, select both of the shapes after you select the shape  you can able to see the shape format option on your ribbon

Click on that ​​now over on the left-hand side because I have multiple shapes selected I have the option to merge shapes when I click on this there are many different ways that you can merge these shapes

I’m going to go with fragments to see how this works

PowerPoint fragments merge shape

now that I’ve done the fragment I have three different shapes I’m going to remove this portion for now and I’m going to delete that next I’m going to pull out this portion of my circle this could be a neat technique say for example in a presentation that I have this pie that maybe represents all of our sales and I want to have a point out at this portion of the circle calling out what happened with this portion of our sales you could do lots of neat things with merging shapes.

4. Stock images

Microsoft PowerPoint has a whole bunch of different stock images that you can insert into your presentation to insert stock images simply go to the insert and click on images and then within pictures

PowerPoint stock images

there’s an option for stock images when you click on this

powerpoint stock images

you have a massive variety of stock images that you can bring into your presentation you could search for images you could click on categories or you could simply click on an individual image along with clicking on an image you can also insert icons, cut out people, stickers and illustrations 

Simply click on the image that you want in your presentation that will appear in your slide.

5.Background remove

Did you know you can able to remove the background of an image by using Microsoft PowerPoint. To do that click on the image that you want to remove the background

Powerpoint background removal process

and you can see the format on the top click on that and then you can see the option called to remove the background click on that

PowerPoint stock images

And you can see some hasn’t been quite removed to remove that also go to the ribbon and click this mark area to remove and mark the area you want to remove on your picture.

See we go awesome background-free image this is how you can remove image background using PowerPoint.

6.Align object.

how to align objects in powerpoint

You can align your object perfectly on your slide in just one click I will show you how.

You can see the below triangle is not aligned it’s like a bad order right. If you manually align this rectangle it will take some time. But in just two clicks it will align perfectly.

To do this select all the objects and go to the format and you can see the option align click on that You can choose which of these align you want. I’m gonna go with this align top click on that.

You can see all these shapes on top are aligned.

but the distance between images is not perfectly aligned to fix this again go to the align and click on distribute horizontally. then you will get a perfect horizontally aligned shape

Final result 

align shapes perfectly

7. Easy copy.

In the traditional way, you will copy an object through right-click copy and paste. Or you will use ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+ v to paste right. So I gonna give you an awesome tip to copy any media on PowerPoint in just one click

ctrl copy powerpoint

You can see I have a circle shape on the slide and I currently have it selected if I press the ctrl key and then click on the object and drag it over this will give me a copy of the object. Simple right.

8. Design ideas

Many people spend a lot of time getting design ideas. Don’t worry PowerPoint will give you the easiest way. You can able to convert your boring design and make it a lot better by just using PowerPoint’s amazing feature design ideas.

how to open design ideas in powerpoint

To use design ideas go to the home section and top right corner you can see the option called design ideas click on that and you can see a different variety of design ideas that match your content.

After appling design ideas

powerpoint design ideas

It will make your presentation work a lot easier and give a more professional look.

9. Eyedropper

how to use powerpoint eye dropper tool

Have you ever wonder how to get the color of certain images that are added to your slide that you need to add to your text.

You can do it easily by using the eyedropper feature.

powerpoint eyedropper tool

To do that click the text that you want to change the color and go the format and click on shape fill you can see the option eyedropper click that and then select the color that you want from

Your picture points the eyedropper to that color and just click it you can see the color of the text is changed to the color we select.

10. Reorder the list.

If you have an unordered list what you will do in normal we will arrange it like cut and paste and order it right!.

I will give you an amazing shortcut tip to reorder the list

First high light the text you want to reorder and then press and hold down the Arlt + shift and simply use the arrow key to place it where you want. Great right try it out.


I hope you guys are following my tips and trick in your future presentations. If you are looking for great PowerPoint templates that you need for your presentation purpose. checkout out the PowerPoint presentation template collection, Powerpoint video template collection. And if you have any doubt regarding PowerPoint let me know in this comment section below. And of course, I will update new tips and tricks in this article so signup to our email list we will be sent tips and tricks and our new PowerPoint templates every week. No spam only 1 email a week. signup here.

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