How to export canva slides to powerpoint

Learn to export your canva slides to PowerPoint templates (Microsoft PowerPoint) or (.pptx) format it’s super easy to do but many people don’t know exactly how to do that.
In this canva tutorial, we are going to export canva slides to Microsoft PowerPoint format. In this way you can edit your canva slides like “ Adding animation, changing colour, text e.t.c by just using PowerPoint.

Using canva design + PowerPoint will make your design and animation look cool. So just follow the below step to Export your canva slides or design as a Microsoft PowerPoint Templates or (.pptx) Format.

Step by step Guide to Export Slides From Canva to PowerPoint templates

1. Download your canva Slides to Powerpoint presentation (.pptx format.)

Export Slides From Canva to PowerPoint templates

When your canva slides are finished and ready to export click the 3 horizontal dots on the upper right corner. And then click the Microsoft PowerPoint. This will convert your canva slides to PowerPoint template or .pptx file

2.Select the slides

canva slides selection

You can remove the slide that you don’t by just clicking the select page option.

3.Click download

Download canva slides to powerpoint presentation

Click the download icon to download your slides.

Note: If you are using canva free account make sure all of the images, icons and fonts are free or you aren’t able to download the file.

4.Open the file on PowerPoint.

After downloading the slide you will get it as a .pptx file just double click on it and it will open your canva slide in Microsoft PowerPoint. Where you can add animation or customize your template.
Note: After opening your canva slides on PowerPoint You are able to see some changes in the font.
This is because the font that you use on canva is not on your computer so no need to worry just download the font that you use on canva slides and close the PowerPoint and reopen it.
Or you can replace the font with whatever font you have on your computer.

Simple right.

This is how to Export Slides From Canva to PowerPoint templates. Combine canva and PowerPoint in your design work and you will get an amazing result. You will get extra more features on canva pro. If you want to use canva pro for 30 days free click this Try canva Pro for free 30 days.  I hope you understand this nice tutorial. If you have any doubt regarding canva let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading

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