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Learn to Create a white or any color outline to your image just by using canva. If you are looking for creating a white outline for your images then you are in the right place. Today in this canva tutorial I will show you how to add an outline to your image using canva. It’s very easy just follow the below steps. You can do it. In just seconds.

White outline is the best method to highlight a person or any object in the picture plus it gives you a more professional-look.
This effect is mostly used in many popular YouTubers as their youtube thumbnail.

In this canva tutorial, we will turn the below normal image to a white outlined image by just applying few steps.

Step by Step Guide To add An Outline to your Image Using Canva.

1.Select Your image

After uploading your image in canva select the image. In this example, I’m using one of the free images on canva that is located in the photo section. You can find this image by searching “person” in the photo section.

selecting images from canva

2. Change the background color.

Then change the background color by just click the color icon on the top left corner. I’m changing the color to blue. You can change the background color to whatever color you like or you can add a background image instead of the color. Just avoid using the same color that you use on the outline that will be difficult to adjust the size of the outline.

Selecting background colour on canva

3.Remove image Background in canva.

This feature is only available for canva pro users if you are using canva free account you can use RemoveBG it’s a free alternative
If you are a pro user select the image and go to the effects then click on the background remover. Boom! You will get a background-free image.

Background Remove process in canva

4.Adding Outline to the image.

Again select the image that you want to add outline then go to the effects and click on the glow in shadow section

add Glow Effect on canva


Then again click the filter icon on the glow then decrease the blur and increase the transparency and then you change the outline color to any color you like by clicking the color icon.

Filiter icon on shadow canva
And adjust the outline size that you want.
Simple right.

Follow the above video for a better understanding

Final result.

how to add an outline to your image using canva.

See how easy it is you don’t need to use photoshop to achieve this image outline.


I hope this will help you to improve you designs. Canva is a great tool. You will get extra more features on canva pro. If you want to use canva pro for 30 days free click this Try canva Pro for free 30 days.
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    Mollie 15th July 2022 , 8:04 pm

    Thanks designed for sharing such a fastidious
    idea, article is good, thats why i have read it fully

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      Templyo 26th September 2022 , 5:07 pm

      thank you mollie

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    Michele 7th September 2022 , 2:00 am

    I understand how to use the glow tool, but what if I want the glow to be very large around the object….say 1/2″?

    • Author's gravatar
      Templyo 26th September 2022 , 5:09 pm

      Do you mean a large like a big circle glow on the back side?


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